Should I be ashamed of my questions about Sin?
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“I absolutely love Stephanie McMahon.”

I absolutely love Stephanie McMahon.”

@thenikkibella: My #wcw @stephaniemcmahon I have learned from the best! #FearlessNikki @wwe

Stephanie McMahon accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge

Stephanie McMahon kisses her daughters after her match at Summerslam ‘14

Think sports-entertainment is a man’s world? Stephanie McMahon will make sure you think again. Mr. McMahon’s only daughter, Stephanie has been bossing WWE’s most powerful men around since she was old enough to form coherent sentences. As one of the principal owners of WWE and the company’s Chief Brand Officer, however, she does a lot more than just talk. She’s proven herself to be a force with which to be reckoned both in and out of the ring.

You have not been in a ring, in a match, in over ten years

Maybe it’s not just Brie who’s embarrassed here. Maybe you’re a bit concerned about being embarrassed on Sunday at Summerslam.


Thought I’d try to contribute.