Should I be ashamed of my questions about Sin?
Pulpit rock

That's how music should sound 



I decided to make a separate blog obviously for gifs of Xtina only because I kinda feel sorry for all the people who follow me solely for Xtina stuff but have to put up with my multifandom mess of a blog :)

So you can start following XTINAGIF.TUMBLR.COM while I’m making new gifs ;)

I would really appreciate anyone helping to spread the word, so please reblog this post if you don’t mind! 



P.S: I don’t know how it’s possible that such an amazing url as xtinagif wasn’t taken, but I’m glad it wasn’t!

Charlie Hunnam of SOA Message to Comic Con 2014 Attendees (by AlienLOVChild)

Bow down

A couple of years ago, there was a stabbing at Comic Con in San Diego. A stabbing over a chair at a Harry Potter panel.

How is Stephanie McMahon? Has anybody heard from Stephanie McMahon?

An accurate representation of my social skills